Headlines of the Week

State investigation finds activists may have spread avian flu in Sonoma County last year. ABC 7 News

Cattle markets breathe sigh of relief after USDA announces ground beef samples tested negative for H5N1 virus. Drovers

USDA reveals final rule requiring electronically readable tags for livestock. The Fence Post

DeSantis signs bill to ban lab-grown meat in Florida. The Fence Post

VIDEO: Prosecutors say they will not retry an Arizona rancher accused of murder near the US-Mexico border. AP

Family of victim in Santa Cruz County rancher murder case considering civil lawsuit. News 4 Tucson

The toll of Colorado’s wolf war: Rancher says Grand County on edge after wolf kills. Coloradoan

Arizona rancher ‘trying to start life over again’ after charges dropped in killing of Mexican man. New York Post

Mexican officials regret US decision not to retry American rancher in fatal shooting of Mexican. Arizona Capitol Times

Press Release: The United States Announces $60 Million to Bolster Agriculture Amid War-Time Threats in Ukraine. USAID

Who killed these 19 wild burros in 2019? BLM ups reward to $36K in hunt for shooters. KTNV

Florida bans lab-grown meat as other states weigh it: What’s their beef with cultured meat? Democrat & Chronicle

Cattle numbers continue trend of disturbing decline. The Stettler Independent

Colorado Parks and Wildlife rejects pleas from ranchers to kill wolves attacking livestock. Colorado Politics

House and Senate issue competing approaches to the 2024 Farm Bill. Holland & Knight

Ted Cruz and Ronny Jackson push legislation to help ranchers who lost livestock in Panhandle wildfires. The Texas Tribune

What will “deforestation-free” meat mean for the cattle industry? BEEF Central

Democrats have beef with a Montana GOP Senate candidate’s cattle ranch. NBC News

Impossible Foods company takes over cattle ranch, transforms it into soy, sunflower and other crops for plant-based meat production. Genetic Literacy Project

His Texas ranch is littered with a century of oil and gas waste. He’s fighting back. Fast Company

A rare dose of hope for the Colorado River as new study says future may be wetter. KUER 90.1

University helps neighboring ranchers oust redcedars. BEEF Magazine

Tractor Supply CEO says there’s still ‘significant migration’ out of urban areas. CNBC

Italy curbs installation of solar panels on agricultural land. Reuters

BRAZIL: Can forests be more profitable than beef? The New York Times


The President’s War on Production


Within a matter of days, the Biden administration issued a series of rapid fire decisions undercutting American industry. In the final year of his first term, facing dismal polling numbers, the elderly president, or at least those advising him, appear intent on a legacy play for radical climate change policy rammed down on the citizenry

Biden’s BLM Just Changed How Public Land is Managed


DEVELOPING STORY Despite outcry, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just passed a controversial new rule that will put environmentalism on equal footing with traditional public land uses such as ranching, timber, recreation, and drilling. The rule constitutes a major change in how BLM manages 245 million acres of federal land — roughly one-tenth of

Ask a Ranch Vet: Do cattle in the U.S. get mRNA vaccines?

As a large animal veterinarian, I receive this question quite often. Both producers and consumers want to know if the new mRNA vaccine technology used in many of the COVID vaccines is now being used in livestock production. Some are concerned about potential health affects related to this emerging technology. The answer is “no”. There

From the Road: LA Sun Film Fest

Thank you to the LA Sun Film Festival for their official selection of You Just Can’t See Them From the Road! We’re honored to be included in this IMDB-qualifying film festival based out of Los Angeles, California.

Tennessee Rancher Suing Biden for Loss of Home, Farmland & Cattle

DEVELOPING STORY Tennessee rancher and agricultural lawyer Dustin Kittle is suing Joe Biden’s administration for failing to fill vacant seats on the U.S. Farm Credit Administration (FCA) Board, leaving farmers like him at risk. Mr. Kittle is alleging that because of this dereliction of duty by the president, he and his family lost their home,

BLM Plan to Protect Sage Grouse Limits Energy Production, Grazing


Ranchers are among those concerned a government plan to protect the greater sage grouse will further imperil production in Western states. Thursday, the Biden administration put forward a plan to curtail cattle grazing, oil and gas drilling, mining, green energy projects, and other commercial activities across 67 million acres of the West’s great “sagebrush sea”

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  • Grant Golliher is a horse trainer, author, and speaker. He owns and operates Diamond Cross Ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he hosts corporate events drawing leadership lessons from horse training. Grant was kind enough to share with us some of the lessons about leadership he teaches through training horses.

  • New hunter numbers increased in 2020, reversing a decades-long declining trend. “We haven’t seen these trends before. More millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women are embracing hunter and field-to-table movements, filling their freezers with fresh meat, embracing safety and self-resiliency,” Chris Metz, the CEO of Vista Outdoors, told FOX