Idaho Water Shutdown Order LIFTED; Economic Disaster Avoided; Farmers Claim Victory For Now But Say It’s Not Over


Water rights holders in Idaho have reached an agreement to prevent an immediate water shutdown on 330,000 acres of farmland across the state. The new mitigation agreement was signed Wednesday, June 19, and now heads to the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) for final approval. Once the agreement is signed by IDWR Director Mathew

500,000 Acres of Idaho Farmland Set to Lose Water on Orders from Governor’s Office


Idaho has issued sudden water curtailment orders over half a million acres of farmland. Locals say the orders took them by surprise and will devastate agriculture in the region. “That appears to be the plan,” Frank VanderSloot, executive chairman at Melaleuca, told East Idaho News. “To really, over time or immediately, shut off agriculture in

Texas farmland poisoned by PFAs in biosolid fertilizers, ranchers allege

In fallout likened to the Chernobyl catastrophe, a group of ranchers in Johnson County, Texas are claiming their land and animals have been poisoned after contact with a fertilizer produced by Synagro. The fertilizer product was used by a neighboring rancher to fertilize his property. Synagro asserts their products follow all government safety standards. The

Ask a Ranch Vet: What are Factory Farms?

Terms like "factory farm" are often used to malign animal agriculture and to create a negative impression of farmers and ranchers, but few pause to question what they actually mean. When we examine this descriptor a little more closely, the answer is both shocking and revealing.

Bureaucrats reintroduce grizzlies to Washington’s North Cascades; ranchers brace for impact


Federal agencies have begun the process of relocating grizzly bears from the Rocky Mountains and interior British Columbia to the North Cascades mountain range in Washington state–an area where the last grizzly sighting was 1996. The National Park Service and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service signed the agreement to reintroduce grizzlies to Washington earlier

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  • Grant Golliher is a horse trainer, author, and speaker. He owns and operates Diamond Cross Ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he hosts corporate events drawing leadership lessons from horse training. Grant was kind enough to share with us some of the lessons about leadership he teaches through training horses.

  • New hunter numbers increased in 2020, reversing a decades-long declining trend. “We haven’t seen these trends before. More millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women are embracing hunter and field-to-table movements, filling their freezers with fresh meat, embracing safety and self-resiliency,” Chris Metz, the CEO of Vista Outdoors, told FOX

KYLE BLACK: The West Is Full (of Misplaced Frustration)

I’m trying to lovingly call it like I see it, and I think this “Don’t California my _______” attitude warrants me exercising the “see something, say something” approach. Fact: your state isn't brimming to the edge, you're not a target, and this recent surge of newcomers isn't an anomaly unique to your community. History would argue otherwise.