In the Burn: Stories from the Texas Panhandle Fire


It will be a long time before the total toll of the North Texas wildfires can be counted. Over 1950 square miles of grassland plains and scrubby low brush burned in the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest in state history. Ranchers in the Panhandle lost thousands of cattle. The fire likely started as an electrical

USDA Moves to Label Only U.S. Beef “Product of USA”


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued its much-anticipated final rule on voluntary meat labeling, and it requires that only meat from animals completely raised and processed in the United States be eligible for a “Product of the USA” label. This new USDA rule effectively changes the landscape for meat selling in the U.S.

SHOCKING: The U.S. Lost Nearly 40% of Dairy Farms in Five Years


The number of dairies in the United States dropped by 39% in just the last five years, according to alarming new numbers released by the recent U.S. Census of Agriculture. Milk production increased in that time period, pointing to growing industry consolidation. Consolidation in the Dairy Industry: Less Farms, Bigger Players Between 2017 and 2022,

Ranchers React to $15 Billion for Tracking Cattle Included in Omnibus Bill


Ranchers are sounding the alarm over an earmark to fund electronic cattle tracking in the omnibus bill passed by the House on Wednesday. In January 2023, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed a rule mandating radio-frequency identification ear tags (EID) in American cattle and bison. While this rule is not yet law, Wednesday’s omnibus

South Dakotans Ask Governor Kristi Noem to Veto Carbon Pipeline Eminent Domain Bill


UPDATE 3/7/24 – Despite strong opposition from ranching and farming groups throughout the state, Governor Kristi Noem has signed carbon pipeline eminent domain legislation into law in South Dakota. SB 201, the controversial South Dakota bill that overrides local regulations and landowner rights to clear the way for a carbon capture pipeline, has passed the

KYLE BLACK: The West Is Full (of Misplaced Frustration)

Why Transplant Hate and a “Locals Only” Attitude Misses the Mark I’m trying to lovingly call it like I see it, and I think this “Don’t California my _______” attitude warrants me exercising the “see something, say something” approach. Fact: your state isn’t brimming to the edge, you’re not a target, and this recent surge